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Club 33 Records (formerly known as NewShine Records) started in October 2009. It started as a small project by Artist/Producer Ricardo Padua. The first official release by the label was in July 2010 and “Colorblind” was the name of the first record released by NewShine Records. It is an instrumental piece composed by Ricardo Padua and it is currently available on the iTunes Store. In that time the label was called VLM Records and it was using TuneCore services for distribution. As time passed the label started to grow and that’s how it gained some blogs attention. On December 2010 the label released it’s second record, it was “Fading Away” again produced by Ricardo Padua but this time artist Marlene Nader featured on the vocals. The song hit the iTunes store early 2011 and it appeared on many music blogs around the net. When “Fading Away” was released the label had already changed it’s name to NewShine Records and the song became popular because of it’s catchy melody and crazy hooks. NewShine Records grew more as their partnered with “JamXClusive” (one of the Internet biggest music blogs) giving it more exposure and the means for the music to reach more and more people daily.

On June 2011 NewShine Records made it’s third release, this time it was “Over” a record produced again by Ricardo Padua and featured Luz Olvera on the vocals. The song flopped in all major blogs because it lacked the hooks people knew NewShine Records could deliver. It seemed that NewShine Records was about to dissolve when the label decided to step up and start releasing electronic music. That brought the label to new heights recovering from “Over” and capturing people’s attention once again.

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On November 2011 the label released “Red Ribbons” a song produced by Ricardo Padua but this time he was the one singing the song too. This release changed the direction Ricardo and NewShine Records had. The song became popular very quickly shifting Ricardo Padua from producer only to recording artist and NewShine Records was on the pop lane once again. Later that month Ricardo Padua met Fernando Tamés who was very interested in the label and eventually joined as the lead guitarist and a member of Club 33 Records’s board. In December the label’s CEO (Ricardo Padua) became an active member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science (NARAS) and was formally invited to the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards. On that same month the label signed a new artist, Denisse started working with the label and made a cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You” which was then uploaded to YouTube.

In early 2012 NewShine Records signed a major distribution deal which made it independent from TuneCore and gave it the ability to distribute music worldwide on all major digital music stores. On Feb 5th, 2012 NewShine Records made it’s first independent release but it wasn’t until April when NewShine Records grew even more. With the release of “Broken” NewShine Records premiered it’s first music video on YouTube and Ricardo Padua gained more followers with it. In May 2012 the name “NewShine Records” was changed to the now standing “Club 33 Records” by the label CEO. Later that month the label was officially recognized by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science (NARAS) and it is now taking part in 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards as a major record label and by June 2012 the label landed an even bigger distribution deal and partnership with VEVO.